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General conditions of use

General conditions of use

Introduction – general conditions of use

We invite you to read the general conditions of use and for any question to contact us by email usat contact (at) fineartcity.org.

Our general conditions of use are subjected to the England rights & laws and have the aim of defining the use of Fineartcity.org, the contents in its entirety and any functionality of Fineartcity.org published by FINEARTTV LLP. By using Fineartcity.org, which you are a registered user or not registered, carries your express acceptance and without reserve of the general conditions of use and the articles below.

While visiting, reaching and or by using Fineartcity.org you accept without reserve the general conditions which can be modify constantly. In case of modification of the general conditions of use, you recognize and accept that your use of Fineartcity.org or quite simply your access to the site after the date of the modifications carries your acceptance of the general conditions of use and modified or added articles and as modified.


1. Fineartcity.org the website

Fineartcity.org is a community website on creativity and more particularly on creation (comments, texts, images, photographs, vidéos, musics…) who allows his members to consult, put on line, to share and exchange on his creativity, his creation and those of the other members.

The space of storage of the users is limited.

Advertising spaces are inserted on Fineartcity.org as banners, video commercials and any other existing means and support or to come.

Several options of uses, access and additions services exist or are aimed to be launch are the subject of a specific tariffing.


2. Fineartcity.org and the intellectual property

By registrering you have an account and will be able to use the functionalities of Fineartcity.org free or from a payment for specific services in order to upgrade your functionalities for your profile or and to have an access to more services.

Fineartcity.org does not proceed to any payment or financial transfer to the users of the site in exchange of their presences, put in line and share of comments or creations (…) of some natures that is.

Fineartcity.org cannot be held responsible if a member or a visitor copies starting from Fineartcity.org from other supports of communications, electronic fixed or mobile (…) and throughout all lodging of your contents on Fineartcity.org.

By registrering and by broadcasting your works, comments on Fineartcity.org, you authorize Fineartcity.org to be reproduced without remuneration, compensation, your contents and, as a need, to adapt of it the format to this end with an aim of promotion of Fineartcity.org and we commit ourselves making appear the name of the author.

By registrering you and downloading your creations and contents in some forms that is you state to hold the entirety of the rights and authorizations necessary to their disclosure and presentation to the public members or visitors on FineArtCity.org and as an individual, company, foundation, institution, association, or all other legal forms.


3. Fineartcity.org and our intellectual property

FineArtCity.org, the mark and the website are exclusive properties of FineArtTv.

Once the general conditions of use accepted, it is to give to you a free right, nonexclusive and nontransferable of access and use with FineArtCity.org.

The accessible whole of the contents on Fineartcity.org cannot be downloaded, copied, deteriorated, modified, removed, diffused, sold, rented, conceded or exploited, in whole or part.


4. Fineartcity.org and limit of responsibility

FineArtCity.org do not have for obligation of monitoring of the transmitted contents, stored, of the written exchanges, oral or vidéos (…), on Fineartcity.org.

FineArtCity.org could not be held responsible for the contents put on line, of the exchanges, information of and between the members, of commercial acts established between members that they are carried out or not.


5. Fineartcity.org and the responsibility for the user

While sharing, uploading of your contents, exchange verbal, vidéos or written (…) on FineArtCity.org, you are held with the respect of the legal and lawful provisions into force and more particularly with regard to the violation of the rights of ownership intellectual of third part (royalty and or right close), the attack with people (in particular slandering, insults, etc), the respect of the private life, the attack with the law and order and the moralities (in particular, apology for the crimes against humanity, incentive with racial hatred, childish pornography, etc). While putting in line and placing at the disposal of the other users your contents on and or through FineArtCity.org, you guarantee that you hold all the rights and authorizations necessary on behalf of having the right concerned, that you discharged all the rights and payments due under the present ones at the collective trust companies and that your contents do not constitute to in no case one of the attacks aimed in this article.

FineArtCity.org can without it being to reproach to him in any manner, carry out the withdrawal of your contents to see to decontaminate your account without preliminary formality. Each member encourre, on a purely personal basis, civil and or penal sanctions specific to the litigious contents (sorrows of imprisonment and or amends and or judgment with the payment of damages, measurements of publicity, etc). Taking into account the community nature of FineArtCity.org and by respect for the sensitivities of each one, it is up to the user to preserve a certain ethics as for the contents put on line and, in particular, to abstain from diffusing very contained in violent or pornographic matter. Each page of FineArtCity.org is automatically associated a link. To announce contents allowing the other users to bring back any abuse.

Moreover, the connection of the users on other Internet sites, even starting from links contained on FineArtCity.org, remains under their whole responsibility. You thus commit yourselves determining by yourself the nature and the contents of these sites and to assume the risks related on the consultation and or the use of the contents which they offer.


6. Fineartcity.org inscription and access

To benefit fully from FineArtCity.org, you must to this end create an account by means of the on line form. You remain free constantly to modify the content of the communicated data in personal matter. As of validation of the form, you will receive an email inviting you to click on a link to confirm your inscription. The access on your account can be carried out by seizure of your identifier and password associated, of which you ensure only the confidentiality. The use of FineArtCity.org according to your inscription is valid for one unspecified duration. In the event of non-observance of these conditions, the access to your personal space can be, immediately and without notice, temporarily or definitively suspended by means of the desactivation of your account and this, without damage of our other rights.


7. Fineartcity.org and the availability of the FineArtCity.org

FineArtCity.org is normally available in a continuous way, except interruption, programmed or not, for the needs for its maintenance or case of absolute necessity. We are not held responsible for any damage, whatever is nature, resulting from a unavailability of FineArtCity.org.


8 Fineartcity.org and the collected data

Recorded datas recorded are collected and can treated by FineArtCity.org (form of inscription, identifier, an address of email, addresses IP). FineArtCity.org can implement a process more commonly called cookie. By modifying the parameters of your navigator Internet, you can to it be opposed.


9. Fineartcity.org and the use of the collected data

Your data are not the subject of any communication of to thirds. You are however informed that they could be revealed pursuant to a law, of a payment or under the terms of a decision of a lawful or legal authority proper and still, if that proves to be necessary, for purposes, for FineArtCity, to preserve his rights and interests.


10. Fineartcity.org and datas security

FineArtCity.org attaches an importance to the safety of your data and implements all measurements appropriate to the ends to restrict the risks of loss, deterioration or misuse of those. FineArtCity.org is committed putting all its knowledge to make in work to ensure their safety but cannot guarantee their integrity.


11. Fineartcity.org and the conservation of the data

Data are preserved at the shelterer of FineArtCity.org identified within the legal mentions and are preserved for the duration strictly necessary to the realization of the general conditions of use. Beyond this duration, they will be preserved at exclusively statistical ends and will not give place to any exploitation, of whatever nature that it is.


12. Fineartcity.org and your rights

You have a right of communication, access and of correction of your data by addressing a demand for this direction to us while writing to us by email to contact(at) FineArtCity.org.


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