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LHOOQ magazine
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LHOOQ magazine
Sunday, October 30 2011


LHOOQ magazine (pronounced “look”),  the New Art & Culture Revue for the 21st Century, is a celebration… of pioneers, adventurers, great souls, heroes; of unique and extraordinary destinies. With a focus on the creative in every domain, contemporary and historical, LHOOQ is a forum, a party, a place to meet friends and strangers, locally and globally.

The byline is “mindstyle”--as in “lifestyle”--for the bio-interior decorator. Although primarily an arts (drawing, painting, sculpture, Illustration, sequential art, animation, printmaking, architecture, design, photography, theatre, dance, fashion, digital media, etc.) and literature (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, letters, reporting, interviews, etc.) magazine, it is pluridisciplinary. It can be almost any subject, from business and finance to hard science and medicine, from philosophy and religion to leisure and sports. And almost any style, from scholarly to gonzo.

And while there will be some film, television, music, and games, LHOOQpositions itself as an antidote to Hollywood and MTV; as an alternative to what passes for Culture every day in tabloid, sound-byte, junkie, fast-food, 140-character form. LHOOQ is to be savored, collected not consumed. We want to feed our readers; to satisfy and fulfill them, not just distract, shock, buzz, or entertain them. LHOOQ intends only to surprise with its authenticity--to deliver quality, not just the new--and satisfaction (not to be confused with being satisfied.)

Our goal?  “To do the really hard work of seeing.” 

You can read the "Letter From the Editor" and see sample pages from the premiere issue ("content samples") in the widget box to the right on the site. A "Media Kit" (.pdf) is also available and promo videos are available onLHOOQ magazine's YouTube channel.

American artist, writer, and producer Christopher Panzner is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of  LHOOQ magazine.


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